Our history

Preesk Beauty

Preesk beauty is a brand of cosmetic products and accessories. It was founded by Ines-Prisca, a professional makeup artist. Preesk Beauty was born in 2019 from a love for makeup and an for all customers. Today, these false eyelashes are a must-have fashion accessory and an easy way to enhance the beauty of your eyes.

We want our customers to feel more beautiful and confident, so we’ve designed the perfect lashes for every lifestyle and eye shape. All of our lashes are high quality and lightweight, making them easy and comfortable to wear. Handcrafted with cruelty-free mink, our lashes are durable and reusable.

Preesk Beauty adds a piece of her culture. She has used symbols that are deeply rooted in West African culture and unknown to all. These ADINKRA symbols are used to front our first collection of lip glosses “Omen Collection”. Take a good look in your box, a little surprise is inside.Our products are hypoallergenic, not tested on animals. Also, our lip glosses are paraben free, sulfate free and mineral oil free.

We want the best for our customers, that’s why we continue our research and development.



Wisdom Knot: This symbol conveys the idea that ``a wise person has the ability to choose the best way to achieve a goal.



Wooden comb: This symbol represents the more abstract qualities of femininity, kindness, love and care.



EXCELLENCE AND AUTHENTICITY: this symbol represents the quality of the work done.



Symbol of « independence » of independence, freedom, emancipation.



The « chain link » symbolizes unity and human relationships. A reminder to work for the community since unity is strength.