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Get ready with our synthetic false eyelashes. They have a nice curl. You will have a fluffy effect.
Our synthetic eyelashes stand out from the crowd. They fit all eye shapes with an ultra flexible band for super easy application!

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 15 × 13 × 1.5 cm

How to glue the false lashes ?

Instructions for us : How to install the false eyelashes :

  • Remove the false lashes from the box.
  • Place the false lashes on your lashes to get the ideal width.
  • Cut the excess from the end of the lash strip, NEVER AT THE BEGINNING.
  • Apply glue to the outer edges of the strip.
  • Wait 1 minute or until the glue on the strip adheres.
  • Holding your false lashes in the center, gently press the lashes in the center of your upper lash line.
  • Then press the outer edges of the lash strip to the lash line.
  • Let the false lashes dry in place; for a more harmonious look, secure them by gently pinching the strip and lash line.


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